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Made in Italy has always been a hallmark of excellence and quality that represents and identifies the best products in the world. Puff has made its line of liquids the flagship of its fleet of products, only offering products manufactured in Italy. This rooted concept gave birth to those that are probably the best liquids for electronic cigarettes on the market today: PUFF IT. Entirely manufactured in Italy with Italian pharmaceutical grade Vegetable Glycerol (FU/USP), Italian pharmaceutical grade Propylene Glycol (FU/USP) of vegetable origin (certified GMO free), European pharmaceutical grade nicotine (FU/USP) and food flavorings of molecular extraction. All of our liquids are analyzed (both with and without nicotine) by external laboratories that certify the quality and for each there are technical and material safety data sheets (IATA compliant) always available to the authorities.

The analysis carried out on liquids are: high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) and gas chromatography combined with mass spectrometry (GC/MS). The latter analysis takes into account the liquid vaporized by an electronic cigarette and puts it in comparison with the HPLC analysis.

The result of the comparison must not find harmful molecular alterations, otherwise the device can not be placed on the market. The GC/MS analysis is not required, but PUFF performs it anyway in order to be sure that the same liquid contained in the Puff It refills arrives to customers just as PUFF designed it, pure and good.